The products we offer are Marble, Granite and Quartz. We can supply any stone you have "seen or chosen" and can give a free no obligation quotation.

We then template, manufacture & install, from worktops to bathrooms and fireplaces, and any other bespoke stone work you require.

Marble Worktops

Marble is usually black and white, with a veined appearance. It has long been associated with luxury and high-end homes, but is swiftly becoming more popular in general use.

Granite Worktops

Granite is the choice for those looking for natural stone colours. Granite worktops give a very traditional feel and is very popular in homes across the UK. Granite worktops are cut from individual stone slabs.

Quartz Worktops

Quartz worktops are man made, and so can come in a wide range of colours. Ideal if you're looking for a certain colour to match your kitchen.

All installations are custom made to the highest specification, and our work is fully insured and guaranteed. For high quality worktops in Colchester, Chelmsford and Braintree, look no further than Marblecraft.


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